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We sold my house within 21 days of putting it on the market, for a price remarkably close to the asking price, I had shopped around for selling agents and initially went with another agent due to a family referral, however I felt the original agent was looking for a quick sell with a lower price, so I switched to Terry.

Best decision ever! Terry was extremely easy to work with. She staged my house and had me declutter in ways I would never have thought, working her butt off arranging cleaning and many other tasks. No detail was too small in order to get to maximum showing condition. I enjoyed working with Terry and her energetic way of doing things. She was amazingly easy to get along with and we had fun selling my house. When it came down to the final sale, she was more excited than I was. She was always in an upbeat mood and she had a way of getting me to do things in a pleasant and understanding way, explaining why things had to be done and what the benefits would be. I would recommend Terry to represent anybody as a sales agent. They will not be disappointed.

Dallas McNeil

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